Daily Thompson @ The Tube Dusseldorf / 30. april 18

IMG_5456Daily Thompson from Dortmund GER – mix of stoner fuzz desert blues noise rock; founded 2013; Mephi : best female bass player I ve ever seen !The other 2 band members are Danny / vocals & guitar and Volker / killer drums – and all of them are playing live on stage with so much ROCKpower that the audience is totally fascinated of this special BANDenergy.

In 2017 they played more than 50 shows in Europe and shared stages with bands like Clutch, Kadavar, Mustasch, Mos Generator and many others…additional to that they performed a show filmed and organized for the famous WDR Rockpalast Crossroads Festival ….so: look out for Tour Dates and buy all of their 3 rocking Longplayers !

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