Ecstatic Vision @ MTC Cologne / 02. july 18

IMG_1169Ecstatic Vision (Philadelphia / US) – Raw Heavy Psych Space 70s Trance Rock; own description from the band: Troglodyde Rock – like cavemen playing raw Rock. For Fans of Hawkwind, MC5, early Stooges, Zambia (ZamRock)… It was a really ECSTATIC gig at MTC , a small venue in Cologne / GER,  filled with just a few fans on a Monday evening ….but: the band had so much fun to be on stage and rocking with them was like diving in a big kaleidoscope of different colourful soundlayers – just hypnotic ! Ecstatic Vision create this special sound effects on different instruments additional to normal Rock-instrument-stuff: mouth organ, megaphone, saxophone, using a pedal with hands…and with a RAW VOICE of course too ! awesome selfmade lights & speakers …never saw a gig like this ! Last Album: Raw Rock Fury / 2017 / Relapse Records.Ecstatic Vision are: Kevin Nickles / Michael Field / Ricky Culp / Doug Zabolchech


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