Seedy Jeezus @ Rare Guitar GER / 07. july 18

IMG_1469 aSeedy Jeezus (Australia) – Heavy Psych 70s Rock. Just 3 band members (feat. Tony Reed / Mos Generator) – but what a powerful psychedelic Rock explosion @ Rare Guitar last night… and: what a killer drummer ! Mark Stewart Gibson is looking by beating on his drums like you would click on a fast-forward-button at a videorecorder….much more than FAST I think ! At the end of this gig the audience cant get enough and screamed for MORE; someone called: „Its not too difficult“ – so the band decided unprompted to let him play on stage with them….this guy is playing in an own german metal band too / HERETIC WARFARE –  it was just a perfect guitar solo ! Check out the new album of Seedy Jeezus „Polaris Oblique“ and the summer tour dates too …




formed 2010 in Melbourne/Australia;

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