The Devil & the Almighty Blues @ Hagen

IMG_9292The Devil & the Almighty Blues  – dark, raw, muddy Heavy Blues Rock from Norway; live @ kultopia in Hagen / GER on 17. oct 2018; though there were just a few people coming to the gig in Hagen (cause of too many other concerts near by at this date) the band had so much fun to play and kicked us to the top…it was a blast !!! What a sympathic band with a great  charisma..every member of the Devils has an own powerful stage presence…they are turning their INSIDE completly OUT…sometimes Singer Arnt Andersen had a screaming voice with full of pain…mixed with never ending duel of bass and guitar solo…completed with  perfect drums: this special heavyweight of dark Blues pervaded my mind, my body and my heart too…. THANX to you, bluesy almighty Devils !!!


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