Birth of Joy @ Rare Guitar / 30. nov 18

IMG_0653Birth of Joy (NL) – Psychedelic Stoner Blues Rock; as the band says: sounds like „Sixties on steroid“ founded 2005 at Hermann-Brood-Academy Utrecht / NL; unfortunately I discovered this awesome band just now: it is the last tour of them ever !!! This gig at Rare Guitar was extraordinary: LOUD, FAST and PURE … an absolutely perfect performance – they ve played WITHOUT a bass – just 3 high talented musicians: Kevin Stunnenberg – vocals & artist on guitar; Bob Hogenelst on drums (with some special effects and with full body use) and Gertjan Gutman with magic hands at his organ. So sad that this unique band wont exist anymore – but I m sure we ll hear of them soon in another form !




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