Gluecifer @ LMH / Cologne / 09.04.19

IMG_1108Gluecifer  – finest Heavy Rock from Oslo / Norway; formed in 1994, divided 2005, Re-Union since 2017; now they came to Germany for only 2 shows: in Cologne & Berlin. I ve enjoyed them at the gig at Live Music Hall / Cologne….sold out & totally overcrowded – the hardest loyal GLUECIFERfans came from all over the area to see the KINGS of ROCK – and they didnt disappoint ! The whole band played like there was never a split few years ago – perfect performance over 2 hours, full of dirty RocknRoll – one of the first songs on setlist: „I got a war“ and „Automatic Thrill“…of course…and all the people were thrilled automatically by them….here are some pics:


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