KADAVAR @ Krach am Bach 2019

IMG_7362 aKADAVAR from Berlin, GER – one of my TOP favourite Psychedelic Stoner Bands; founded 2010; just 3 members: drums = Christoph „Tiger“ Bartelt, vocals & guitar = Christoph „Lupus“ Lindemann, bass = Simon „Dragon“ Bouteloup; to produce albums in their own studio they are using „hard panning“ – it means bass tracks on the right channel, guitar on the left, drums on the inside right and vocals in the middle cause the band wanna reproduce exactly the sound of their live performances….if you ever have the chance to see KADAVAR LIVE you will understand how addicted I feel by watching & listening to this awesome band….never saw a band performing like them…absolutely unique original retro sound & style ! 

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