Spirit Detective @ Zeche Consolidation / GE

IMG_1698young, fresh & wild: SPIRIT DETECTIVE – Psychedelic Heavy Stoner Rock from Gelsenkirchen / GER; discovered them by a coincidence just after work – and i was absolutely stoked bout these good rocking AND good looking guys ….the band was founded only recently in 2018, so it is astonishing how brilliant & professional they have performed their own fuzzy sound …some bluesy parts mixed with heavy guitar riffs, intense voice, rolling bass and thunderous drums..fckg awesome ! In 2019 Spirit Detective were the WINNER of a band battle…. new album will be released on 3rd september 2021 (CD & VINYL): „Planet Delusion“ great artwork, great sound !

…and now… here are some pics of SPIRIT DETECTIVE live @ Zeche Consolidation / Gelsenkirchen, GER / 31. july 2021


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