on a Friday 13th: STEW @ Zechentreff Bottrop

IMG_2225STEW – finest Heavy Blues Rock Trio from Sweden, with roots in 60s 70s – though this awesome band was just founded in 2018 they performed on stage so brilliant like old RocknRoll Dinosaurs…you can say: they really got the BLUES in their swedish blood ! Do you know this weird feeling when you were born on a FRIDAY the 13th – like me – and if this date is coming around you expect the worse most of this daytime….but…BUT THEN there was STEW late in the evening…and they turned my black Friday 13th from BLACK to GOLD…at a very beautiful venue – Zechentreff Bottrop – on an old coal mine, a familiar place created with love….and I FEELED SO FCKG GOOD again ! Thrilled by soulful vocals, masterful guitar riffs and intense drums which hit me to the bottom of my rockheart… First EP „HOT“ 2018, DEBUT ALBUM „People“ 2019 on Ripple Music…listen.buy.rock.


VIDEO of this GIG here on FACEBOOK https://fb.watch/7nhbSVn43u/

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