Nebula @ Kultopia Hagen GER

IMG_9430NEBULA (L.A. / US) – one of my TOP favourite Stoner Rock Bands; 1997 formed by Eddie Glass (guitar) and Ruben Romano (Drums)  after a break of Fu Manchu; „Nebula @ Kultopia Hagen GER“ weiterlesen

Red Scalp @ Alterna Sounds Festival 2019

IMG_0507RED SCALP –  very special & unique fuzzy Stoner Rock Band from Poland, using indianish soundelements… biggest surprise for me at Alterna Sounds Festival 2019; what a BLAST  – all people in the crowd were „Red Scalp @ Alterna Sounds Festival 2019“ weiterlesen

Nebula @ Vortex, GER / 30. june 18

IMG_0721Nebula – Heavy Psych Desert Stoner Rock from California; 1997 formed by Eddie Glass (guitar) and Ruben Romano (Drums) of Fu Manchu; 5 albums – 2018 release of a new studio „Nebula @ Vortex, GER / 30. june 18“ weiterlesen

Deville @ Rare Guitar, GER / 29. june 18

IMG_9963Deville – Heavy Stoner Rock  from Sweden; founded 2004; released 6 albums, last one „Make it belong to us“ with some metal influences (Fuzzorama Records); the band „Deville @ Rare Guitar, GER / 29. june 18“ weiterlesen

1000mods @ helios37 Cologne GER 18. june 18

IMG_97771000 mods from Greece – Psychedelic Stoner Rock of the finest art; first album release in 2007; it was overcrowded and hot @ Helios37 club „1000mods @ helios37 Cologne GER 18. june 18“ weiterlesen

The Flying Eyes @ Freak Valley Festival 2018

IMG_9002The Flying Eyes – Psychedelic Stoner Rock from US; formed 2007; SAD but TRUE: this was the LAST LIVE SHOW „The Flying Eyes @ Freak Valley Festival 2018“ weiterlesen