on a Friday 13th: STEW @ Zechentreff Bottrop

IMG_2225STEW – finest Heavy Blues Rock Trio from Sweden, with roots in 60s 70s – though this awesome band was just founded in 2018 they performed on stage so brilliant like old RocknRoll Dinosaurs…you can say: they really got the BLUES in their swedish blood ! Do you know this weird feeling „on a Friday 13th: STEW @ Zechentreff Bottrop“ weiterlesen

Mustasch @ Kulttempel / 06. dec 18

IMG_1354Mustasch – thunderous Heavy Stoner Metal from Sweden. This gig at the very special location called CULTTEMPLE in Oberhausen GER was a blast again…whole band played „Mustasch @ Kulttempel / 06. dec 18“ weiterlesen

Orchid @ Stoned from the Underground 2018

IMG_6258Orchid – Psychedelic 70s Vintage Stoner Rock; formed in 2007; sounds like Led Zeppelin / Black Sabbath / or….ORCHID himself ! Back to the „Orchid @ Stoned from the Underground 2018“ weiterlesen

Deville @ Rare Guitar, GER / 29. june 18

IMG_9963Deville – Heavy Stoner Rock  from Sweden; founded 2004; released 6 albums, last one „Make it belong to us“ with some metal influences (Fuzzorama Records); the band „Deville @ Rare Guitar, GER / 29. june 18“ weiterlesen

Supercharger @ Rare Guitar / 25. may 18

IMG_7482 aSupercharger from Denmark – Heavy RocknRoll –  an awesome live performance of the whole band @ rare guitar club Munster/ GER….4th album „Rottenburg“ out now !

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