Birth of Joy @ Rare Guitar / 30. nov 18

IMG_0653Birth of Joy (NL) – Psychedelic Stoner Blues Rock; as the band says: sounds like „Sixties on steroid“ founded 2005 at Hermann-Brood-Academy Utrecht / NL; unfortunately I discovered this awesome band just now: it is the last tour of them ever !!! This gig at Rare Guitar was extraordinary: LOUD, FAST and „Birth of Joy @ Rare Guitar / 30. nov 18“ weiterlesen

Samsara Blues Experiment @ Piano theatre Dortmund

IMG_0391Samsara Blues Experiment (Berlin/GER) – Stoner Prog Psychedelic Blues Rock; magnificent gig at an old music-theatre in Dortmund/GER; perfect background for this perfect performing band; „Samsara Blues Experiment @ Piano theatre Dortmund“ weiterlesen

The Machine @ Stoned from the Underground 2018

IMG_7891The Machine  (Netherlands) – „Multiple“ Psychedelic Stoner Rock; Trio from Rotterdam was formed in 2007; last album release „offblast“; their gig at Stoned from the underground Festival in Erfurt was a blast „The Machine @ Stoned from the Underground 2018“ weiterlesen

Orchid @ Stoned from the Underground 2018

IMG_6258Orchid – Psychedelic 70s Vintage Stoner Rock; formed in 2007; sounds like Led Zeppelin / Black Sabbath / or….ORCHID himself ! Back to the „Orchid @ Stoned from the Underground 2018“ weiterlesen

Preview – Stoned from the Underground Festival 2018

just a few days left til STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND Festival in Erfurt / East Germany: 12. – 14. july 2018….cant wait „Preview – Stoned from the Underground Festival 2018“ weiterlesen

Seedy Jeezus @ Rare Guitar GER / 07. july 18

IMG_1469 aSeedy Jeezus (Australia) – Heavy Psych 70s Rock. Just 3 band members (feat. Tony Reed / Mos Generator) – but what a powerful psychedelic Rock explosion @ Rare Guitar last night… and: what a killer drummer ! Mark Stewart Gibson is looking by beating „Seedy Jeezus @ Rare Guitar GER / 07. july 18“ weiterlesen

Nebula @ Vortex, GER / 30. june 18

IMG_0721Nebula – Heavy Psych Desert Stoner Rock from California; 1997 formed by Eddie Glass (guitar) and Ruben Romano (Drums) of Fu Manchu; 5 albums – 2018 release of a new studio „Nebula @ Vortex, GER / 30. june 18“ weiterlesen

Deville @ Rare Guitar, GER / 29. june 18

IMG_9963Deville – Heavy Stoner Rock  from Sweden; founded 2004; released 6 albums, last one „Make it belong to us“ with some metal influences (Fuzzorama Records); the band „Deville @ Rare Guitar, GER / 29. june 18“ weiterlesen