Mustasch @ Kulttempel / 06. dec 18

IMG_1354Mustasch – thunderous Heavy Stoner Metal from Sweden. This gig at the very special location called CULTTEMPLE in Oberhausen GER was a blast again…whole band played „Mustasch @ Kulttempel / 06. dec 18“ weiterlesen

Samsara Blues Experiment @ Piano theatre Dortmund

IMG_0391Samsara Blues Experiment (Berlin/GER) – Stoner Prog Psychedelic Blues Rock; magnificent gig at an old music-theatre in Dortmund/GER; perfect background for this perfect performing band; „Samsara Blues Experiment @ Piano theatre Dortmund“ weiterlesen

The Devil & the Almighty Blues @ Hagen

IMG_9292The Devil & the Almighty Blues  – dark, raw, muddy Heavy Blues Rock from Norway; live @ kultopia in Hagen / GER on 17. oct 2018; though there were just a few people „The Devil & the Almighty Blues @ Hagen“ weiterlesen

The Machine @ Stoned from the Underground 2018

IMG_7891The Machine  (Netherlands) – „Multiple“ Psychedelic Stoner Rock; Trio from Rotterdam was formed in 2007; last album release „offblast“; their gig at Stoned from the underground Festival in Erfurt was a blast „The Machine @ Stoned from the Underground 2018“ weiterlesen

Nebula @ Stoned from the Underground 2018

IMG_8869Nebula – again and again and again…Heavy Psych Stoner Space Rock from California; 1997 formed by Eddie Glass (guitar) and Ruben Romano (Drums) „Nebula @ Stoned from the Underground 2018“ weiterlesen