PENDEJO – brutal riffs of an awesome spanish Heavy Stoner Rock Band

RYTE – Heavy Stoner from Austria

HIPPIE DEATH CULT –  Stoner RocknRoll from Portland/Oregon US

YURI GARGARIN – Heavy Spacerock from Sweden


GOMER PYLE – cosmic Spacerock from Netherlands

MR. BISON – italian Heavy Stoner Rock

just 3 people, 3 times Matteo`s,  no bass – but drums and 2 guitars creating a complex wall of sound…awesome !

BAARDVADER — enjoy fuzzy Stoner Rock from Netherlands !

SWÖRN (Turin/IT) – perfect mix of psychedelic, desert & stoner elements – NEW ALBUM out now

falling in SoundLove with HYSTERIA LUNA

IAH – great Instrumental Post Rock from Argentina with Doom & Stoner Elements

ECSTATIC VISION – raw Heavy Psych Noise Rock from U.S. – you must see  them LIVE !! hypnotic caleidoscope of soundlayers….instruments like mouth organ, megaphone, saxophone, screaming caveman voice…

REDSCALE  from Berlin – mix of classic metal & finest Stoner Rock GER – pure  STONER ROCK energy, rousing & powerful

TEMPLE FANG – Space Rock Band from Netherlands – what a blast !!!

SHOTGUN SAWYER – Heavy Blues Rock from California / US – cant get enough of listening to this fckg good rocking

RED SCALP – very own indianish soundstyle / Stoner Rock from Poland

BIRNAM WOOD – Stoner Psychedelic Doom Metal from US  – evil thick heavy…listen to last album (Nov 2018) „Wicked Worlds“


PLAINRIDE – Heavy Stoner 70s Rock  from Cologne GER – last album (2018): „Life on Ares“ – fckg great rockin kick your ass stuff !!!!

CAPTAIN CARAVAN – rad thunderous Heavy Stoner Rock from Norwegian – new album: „Shun the sun“

BELZEBONG – Stoner Doom from Poland – diving into doom and listen to the last album: „Light the Dankness“

HUMULUS – Heavy Psych Stoner Rock from Italy; last Album (2017): „Reverently heading into nowhere“ – psychedelic head explosion mixed with fat heavy guitars and powerful vocals – listen, buy & rock !

DOMKRAFT – Trio from Sweden; Mix of Stoner, Sludge, Doom with fuzzy guitars; for friends of: Neurosis, Monolord, Hawkwind; new Album out now: „FLOOD“ (2018)