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WHEEL – Prog Metal from England/Finland … influenced by TOOL…hope you like it !


MR. BISON – italian Heavy Stoner Rock

BAARDVADER — enjoy fuzzy Stoner Rock from Netherlands !

SWÖRN (Turin/IT) – perfect mix of psychedelic, desert & stoner elements – NEW ALBUM out now























































































PARASOL CARAVAN – rocking on a heavy cosmic trip with this awesome Band from Austria – listen to the new Album NEMESIS !!!






















































































falling in SoundLove with HYSTERIA LUNAR



















































































IAH – great Instrumental Post Rock from Argentina with Doom & Stoner Elements

















































































ECSTATIC VISION – raw Heavy Psych Noise Rock from U.S. – you must see  them LIVE !! hypnotic caleidoscope of soundlayers….instruments like mouth organ, megaphone, saxophone, screaming caveman voice…















































































REDSCALE  from Berlin – mix of classic metal & finest Stoner Rock










































































RICKSHAW BILLIE`S BURGER PATROL / Texas, US – frenzy vocals & fuzzy riffs








































































RAGING BULL from London UK  – mix of  emotional vocals & heavy bluesy guitars & rocking drums….






































































REDSCALE – Stoner Rock from Berlin GER – pure  STONER ROCK energy, rousing & powerful !





































































DEE CALHOUN (Maryland / US) –

Heavy Blues Rock with such an amazing raw & powerful voice



































































HEY SATAN – Stoner Rock from Switzerland – excellent mix of Stoner & Blues Rock

































































SHOTGUN SAWYER – Heavy Blues Rock from California / US – cant get enough of listening to this fckg good rocking stuff































































ROADSAW – US Stoner Rock Band – formed 1995 – what a blast of metallic riffs & exploding  sound – good to get a TINNITUS for sure !





























































NEBULA – Stoner Rock / USA – founded 1997 – members of Fu Manchu – holy shit what a fckg good album…divin into a STONERsoundcloud have to see them LIVE..they will be on EUROPE tour in fall !




























































TEMPLE FANG – Space Rock Band from Netherlands – what a blast !!!



























































BLACK LUNG – „Ancient“














































































































dig it: RED SCALP – indianish influenced Stoner Rock from Poland




















































ÖfÖ AM – french Heavy Stoner Psych Rock –  this  album is telling us a narrative about the OCTAMAN`s ODYSSEY in an instrumentally way – excellent melodic structures with hard-hitting riffs, growling bass and punchy drums ….listen & take a surprising cosmic ride with the OCTAMAN !


















































THE LUNAR EFFECT – Heavy Stoner Rock from Spain – falling into fuzzzzz love with this album….they deliver thick melodies, ripping HEAVY BLUES influenced ROCK, crushing FUZZ, psychedelia strange atmosphere and….WHAT A VOICE !!!
















































L’IRA DEL BACCANO – Doomdelic Instrumental Space Rock from Italy; this special  sound is mixed with some Psychedelic, Doom and Heavy-Prog Vibes to an awesome very special space-cloud of sound which has an own unique style… listen & dive into the „paradox hourglass“














































BIRNAM WOOD – Stoner Psychedelic Doom Metal from US  – evil thick heavy…listen to last album (Nov 2018) „Wicked Worlds“












































HERE  THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING THE CAPTAIN IS DEAD – Psychedelic Instrumental  Rock  – three-piece from Valencia SPAIN – self titled album 2018 – beaming me up in higher cosmic space oddities…great stuff !!!










































PLAINRIDE – Heavy Stoner 70s Rock  from Cologne GER – last album (2018): „Life on Ares“ – fckg great rockin kick your ass stuff !!!!








































CAPTAIN CARAVAN – rad thunderous Heavy Stoner Rock from Norwegian – new album: „Shun the sun“






































BELZEBONG – Stoner Doom from Poland – diving into doom and listen to the last album: „Light the Dankness“




































HUMULUS – Heavy Psych Stoner Rock from Italy; last Album (2017): „Reverently heading into nowhere“ – psychedelic head explosion mixed with fat heavy guitars and powerful vocals – listen, buy & rock !


































DOMKRAFT – Trio from Sweden; Mix of Stoner, Sludge, Doom with fuzzy guitars; for friends of: Neurosis, Monolord, Hawkwind; new Album out now: „FLOOD“ (2018)
































STONEWOOD – Heavy Stoner Desert Rock from Italy – I m addicted to their new album / release on 2nd Nov 18





















































Nekromant – Heavy Stoner Rock – Trio from Sweden; new album release: „The Nekromant lives“ – fresh, fast & fantastic swedish band on their way UP to the RockTop ! On autumn tour now ! Watch out, listen & buy !
























Black Elephant – Heavy Blues Stoner Rock from Italy; fuzz guitars and rolling huge grooves…listen to their third album „Cosmic Blues“ (July 2018)






















GRASS – Trio from Pennsylvania / USA; Stoner Psychedelic Rock; reminds me at Jimi Hendrix mixed with Earthless…listen to their new album „Get in the van“:



















KOMBYNAT ROBOTRON (Kiel/GER) – Heavy freak-out Krautrock; formed in april 2018; all bandmembers are playing in other bands and after a jam together they decided to form Kombynat Robotron. Releases on tape & via bandcamp: Modul 12 and Modul 13. this robotronic music features a wide range of influences due to the different sonic backgrounds of the musicians. Krautrock Grooves that smoothly evolve, from outer-space pheres into psychedelic and stoner rock vibes – back to krautrock. Despite the short history of the band they already played live with bands like Cosmic Fall, Weedpecker and The Spacelords. It seems we ll hear and see more of this very special robotronic band sooner as we expect it…great SoundART….I m looking forward  !!!

Click here to listen: Kombynat Robotron at bandcamp 

RISE OF THE WOOD – Stoner Metal from Netherlands; formed in 2015; album released october 2017 „First Seed“ – never believed that this is the FIRST release of the 5-headed- band…sounds very professional…hard guitar riffs, powerful vocals, killer drums….a handful of southern blues rock („After this I ll never“), a bit doom and a BIG pure & awesome Stoner Metal: thats the special sound of Rise of the wood…on their way up to the Stoner top….buy. listen. rock.















MR. BISON from Italy – Heavy Psych Stoner Rock; formed 2009; US / European Tour: opening concerts for My Karma to burn, Red Fang, My Sleeping Karma, Danko Jones and many more….just 3 people, 3 times Matteo`s,  no bass – but drums and 2 guitars creating a complex wall of sound…awesome ! New Album: Holy Oak (2018)