Monkey3 @ Musikbunker Aachen

bassist KopieMonkey3 – Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock from Lausanne / Switzerland; founded 2001; released 6 albums / last one  in April 2019: „Sphere“ / Napalm Records; I saw them for the 1st time on 07. may 2019 – and I was absolutely thrilled: very special band at a very special location –  the stage was in catacombs of an old bunker – MUSIKBUNKER Aachen / GER….they played as an opener for Colour Haze..but…Monkey3 were my personal headliner…and not only for me…most of the people cried for MORE MORE MORE MONKEYSound…but unfortunately they had to go after 1 hour or so…it felt like 5 minutes…falling into caleidoscope soundclouds of highest perfection….psychedelic emotionally vibrations on guitar & keyboard sprinkled with a storm of thunderous hard drums & heavy bass….it was such a blast ! Now I m addicted…once more: shooting  pics while my soul is burning & rocking on Monkey3-FIRE ! Btw: dont miss to watch the beautiful unique MusicARTVideos of Monkey3 ….and dont forget : support the bands – listen, buy, rock !

Perfect location for a perfect event !! MUSIKBUNKER AACHEN / GER



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